Marvel’s Agent Carter


The two seasons of the series and the one shot film constitute the latest footage of the MCU phase 1. The series was released in 2015-16 and the short film in 2013, while the last feature film of the phase was released in 2012. However, they are closely related to the Captain America origin story and thus early on in my MCU watching list.

I watched these in a spree over three days and I’m a bit undecided on whether I should’ve watched them at all. The season 1 is pretty closely tied in with the Captain America story and quite interesting at times. Season 2 on the other hand descends complete irrelevance quite quickly. Not really sure, what happened between season 1 and 2, since the first one ends a bit abruptly, but they don’t continue that in any manner during season 2. There’s a quick line in season 2 about the events of season 1 and nothing else. Not sure, if they had grander plans, but had budget cuts or what, but it just seems that they had to change direction pretty quickly. For much of season 2 I found myself grabbing the nearest magazine to read a quick article or checking my blog feed, while I waited for something interesting to happen.

The short film, it turns out, was actually all that was needed. Basically the series and the short film tell the same story – Agent Carter stuck in a soon to be obsolete war time agency, where her colleagues treat her as a secretary, and her proving to be superior to the men and moving onward. The thing is, the short film does this in 15 minutes as opposed to 18 episodes of 40+ minutes of the series.

Haley Atwell is wonderful as Agent Carter, but that’s about it. The series starts right where Captain America ended and there’s a few nods towards the rest of the MCU – Howard Stark, the father of Iron Man plays a major role, and S.H.I.E.L.D. appears shortly, but not much else. In the end, there’s very little to justify the hours spent on this. I probably would be happier, if I hadn’t watched season 2 – maybe happiest, if I’d just went with the short film and skipped the series altogether.