Your Name [2016]


A wonderful little love story with a mystical time paradox and body swap twist. The story tells of Mitsuha and Taki meeting in very strange conditions. Mitsuha is a girl living in a small mountain town that still adheres to old traditions. She wants nothing more than to escape the quiet life, where nothing ever happens, and move to Tokyo, where she could be free and not care about things other people consider important. Taki on the other hand is a Tokyo boy, who wishes to be an architect, but is lost and nameless in the big city and can’t find a meaningful connection anywhere.

Suddenly they start to swap bodies. When Taki goes to sleep, he dreams of being a girl living in a small mountain town. Conversely, Mitsuha dreams of being a big city boy studying to be an architect. At some point they start to realize that these are more than dreams and start to leave messages to each other in their diaries and phones. Obviously the decisions they make, while in each other’s bodies, are not the ones the body’s original would make and much lighthearted hilarity ensues. They start to grow affected towards each other, and when the body swaps suddenly end, Taki decides to go look for the girl.

At this point the story takes a more serious turn, as what Taki finds, is a town destroyed by a meteor strike. Taki figures out that the body swapping ended, because Mitsuha was killed in the meteor strike some years ago. I don’t remember the details of the time paradox, but there was some internal logic to it, so Taki manages to find a point of confluence, where he can talk with Mitsuha before the meteor strike and warn her of the impending doom. There is a warp backwards and many events are lost from both of their memories, but Mitsuha has survived. She makes her way to Tokyo and finally they meet at the end of the film.

I’m usually not that into love stories, unless they are exceptionally good. This is not exceptional, but the twist makes it interesting, as I find it entertaining to try to figure out, what is happening. The film has a lot of love towards Mitsuha and Taki, which is a further element that elevates the film. The film is easy and light to watch despite the occasional darker tones, beautiful on the eyes, comfortable and interesting. That’s plenty enough.

  • Director: Makoto Shinkai
  • Original Title: Kimi no na wa.
  • Watched on: 2nd May 2017
  • Watched at: Riviera Kallio
  • 3.5/5

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