Change of Pace

I started this blog with some lofty ideas and ideals about highly thought out contemplation on films and other cultural content that I consume. Occasionally on things outside cultural content as well.

Well, as anyone can see, I haven’t been able to produce said content at any meaningful pace. I have a dozen films to write about on my backlog, but I can’t get them done, because I don’t have the time to write about them at length. By the time I get to writing about them, I’ve already forgotten half of the film and half of the thoughts I had about the film to begin with.

I’ve been keeping various journals or memos or something about these sorts of things before this blog. The purpose has been to write just a few words about pretty much everything in order to remember the films I’ve seen and the books I’ve read. Just 5-20 lines most of the time. It was a process to help me remember and it worked fantastically. Sometimes I had more to say than just a summary of the plot and whether I liked it or not. Sometimes I thought I had a nice idea and would have liked to share my notes to others.

I thought about scrapping this blog altogether, but people keep telling me that I seem to have thoughts worth sharing. Most of the time I don’t. Occasionally I think I do. So I’ll keep the blog as it is a convenient combination of a few things:

  • It allows me to keep at my practice of writing a few notes on the cultural products that I consume to help me remember them.
  • It is accessible to others and allows me to advertise the my texts to others, when I feel like I maybe had a point somewhere in there.
  • It allows me to write anywhere, when there’s a quiet moment or an interesting thought.
  • It allows me to write on a multitude of topics without having to find separate appropriate platforms to journal my thoughts on books, films, games, role-playing games, programming, etc.

So there. Blog remains. Hopefully more content on a quicker pace, but shorter write-ups most of the time. I still don’t have much time to spare for this, so we’ll have to see, if I can keep up with this even with the shorter notes…


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