Hello World

So this is a blog and I made this and now I’m supposed to publish stuff here…

Well, here goes. Hello World! This is me posting. I’m going to update this quite rarely, since I don’t have too much spare time on my hands.

Obviously, the title has little to do with the expected content. That’s because I couldn’t figure out anything witty about the expected content, so I picked something important to me. Maybe I’ll write here about turtles and slow life at some point, but that’s too personal for today.

The spark for this blog came, when my lovely fiancee gave me Juho Kuorikoski’s wonderful new book Suuret seikkailupelit as a Christmas present. I don’t have much spare time, but all of it was spent on that, once I’d picked it up. Unfortunately, it is (at least for the time being) available only in Finnish. Nevertheless, it tells the history of the adventure video game genre through the mouths of the people, who created the classic games of the genre, and goes through the most notable titles. I’ll talk about that more in a later post.

In any case, the book made me realize that although I’m a fan of the genre, I’ve missed nearly all of the classic titles or at least have not finished them. I just had to fill in the gaps and play through the classics, so I set myself a goal of playing through them. As writing is a way for me to make something a bit more real and permanent in my mind, I’ll write about the experience too. Kuorikoski’s penmanship moved me into embarking on the project. Who knows, maybe mine will move someone else.

From having a blog about an adventure gaming project, it was a short step to decide that the blog could have other stuff too. I already write quick book reviews in Goodreads and film reviews in Letterboxd, so those’ll appear here as well in the future. Obviously reviews about stuff not fit for those sites, and maybe some talk about my currently years long computer game development project that does not have a single line of code written down yet… Maybe writing about the development project will make me do something about it. Sprinkle in some more personal posts, if I feel like it.

That’s it for now. As I don’t expect to have a single reader at this point (I’ve told one person about this for now), I won’t bid my readers farewell.



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